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Precision timing

Plug and play timing systems for race organisers

Our Optical timing technology is designed for precision and efficiency, this cutting-edge system revolutionizes event timing, and removing the high costs associated with traditional methods. The current timing systems use chip to identify the runners and calculate times, we have looked in to the AI solutions and use the latest AI recognition systems with multiple datapoints to identify the runners, this new technique allows us to skip the logistic process and save both time and money. The efficiency is over 99% and the cost is reduced up to 50 % from the market prices today.
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Elida and Thrud, AI-Powered Training Companions

Experience adaptive training to unlock the human potential


Discover Elida, our AI-driven app for runners, offering personalized training plans that adapt to your unique goals and fitness level


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Thrud transforms weight training with AI guidance, providing adaptive workout plans to optimize your strength training journey.

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